The C.L.A.P. Program

The C.L.A.P. (Career, Leadership, And Achievement Project) Program is a youth development program that sets youth on a constructive career path and tracks student progress that is coupled with parental engagement.   Activities are designed to enable more students to stay in school, study hard and complete the courses that prepare them for college or vocational training.  The CLAP Program  brings together a task force of school officials, community members and parents to make them acutely aware of the effect of deviant behavior on performance and to help them develop strategies to reduce poor outcomes in testing and disciplinary actions within the school.

 Main barrier addressed

Students (particularly African American males) are not working to full potential in school due to behavioral issues, lack of interest, and/or lack of parental involvement.

 Main insight addressed

Create positive opportunities for parents and their child(ren) to interact that will lead to an increase in student performance/educational aspirations and a reduction of student deviant behavior. 

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