Meet the Executive Director

For 18 years, Mr. Brown has been using his God given talents and skills towards helping youth gain the knowledge and skills necessary to becoming successful adults. 

During this time, he has been living his passion for helping the most vulnerable members of our society: challenged youth.  While this is a very demanding task at times, Mr. Brown is extremely dedicated to making an impact in our youth’s lives no matter how small the impact may be.  Mr. Brown has worked with youth in different capacities; from after school programming, foster care placement, behavioral management, juvenile corrections, and instructional teaching.  From this, he has developed a unique perspective on youth development and what it takes for youth to recognize their abilities and reach for their true potential.  As a natural progression of his work and life experiences dealing with youth, Mr. Brown, along with several other individuals, formed an organization called Unity Perspectives in the summer 2007 that focuses on bringing caring adults into the lives of challenged youth in the community.  He hopes that this organization will be the catalyst for promoting unity in our communities and creating positive change in individuals, both young and adult, that helps them to start thinking creatively by “thinking outside the box” to bring about better life choices and experiences.

            Mr. Brown’s community involvement includes:  Member of Philadelphia Pentecostal Holiness Church, Member of the NAACP, Co-founder of Unity Perspectives, Inc. (Executive Director), Big Brother of Big Brother/Big Sister Program,  and various community initiatives and programming. Mr. Brown looks forward to continuing his work in the community and developing key relationships and programming that will make the Milford and surrounding Communities a better place to live.

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